Mixing it up in the New Year


If you’re like me, the post holiday blues are an inevitable part of welcoming in the new year. Many people take on resolutions in the new year that, while well intended, really deviate from who they are at their core and ultimately fail – leaving feelings of inadequacy. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, mix it up, take the opportunity to try new things and take care of unfinished business. Not only will it make you a more well rounded person, it will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment and likely lead to more self improvement.

Thekey to this is starting small. If you are overwhelmed by the prospect of cleaning out your entire garage at once, take an hour everyday and tackle mini projects within the project. Separate what you’ll be keeping from what you’re going to throw away and recycle. Take all your old unused solvents to a proper
disposal facility the next day. After a week’s time or so, you’re space will be looking in tip top shape. Or if exercise is your goal, then start slow. Running
three miles a day five times a week right out of the gate after living a sedentary lifestyle for many years is just not realistic. Instead, make a point to walk
around the block and each day go one block farther – chances are that you’ll start enjoying your exercise so much that it will become part of your daily
routine in short order.

Above all else, don’t be afraid to take action. Call up an old friend you’ve lost contact with, join a wine tasting group or blog about your favorite cook book.
Taking charge of your life everyday in some fashion will leave you in a position of empowerment – small steps lead to great things.